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Repair Synthetic Shake

When properly installed, synthetic shake roofs last several years before any repairs are needed. Synthetic shake offers the same unbeatable elegance and durability of traditional tile, but without the high price and weight that leads to bracing and reinforcement requirements. Our team at Alps Roofing expertly evaluates the damaged areas and begin repairs and installations on time.

Similar to traditional shake systems that are made from cedar chips of wood, synthetic shake is composed of recycled tire rubber and landfill plastics that are moulded into various styles of tiles.

Cedar shake and shingles are prone to mold, mildew and erosion. Synthetic shake on the other hand is built to withstand environmental factors such as UV, moisture, freeze/thaw, wind and salt spray and erosion.

"While it can be costly, Synthetic shake roofs are eco-friendly, durable and look great!

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