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Repair Steel Roofing

Many residential and commercial buildings have metal roofs made out of metal shingles or corrugated sheets. These materials are chosen due to their doubtless advantages and affordable prices. However, metals are quite vulnerable to the impact of the environment. Steel roof repair consists of the replacement of some damage sheets or shingles with new ones, installation of patches, sealing gaps and holes, and cleaning gutters.

At Alps Roofing Solutions Plus, we source our metal roofing products from the top producers in the industry and all of our panels are professional and backed by industry-leading warranties. 

We currently offer two types of systems for metal roofing in Barrie.

    Standing Seam Heavy Gauge Panels

    Standing seam heavy gauge panels are extruded using state of the art machines for maximum precision. This steel roofing system in Barrie is one of the most durable and weather-tight roof systems available in the industry.

    • Hidden fasteners
    • Aesthetically pleasing design
    • Very Durable
    • More expensive than ribbed panels 

    Traditional Ribbed Steel Roofing Panels 

    Medium gauged rolled ribbed steel panels!

    • The most cost effective steel roofing solution
    • Can be used for Walls as well as Roofing
    • Ease of installation in comparison to standing seam
    • Exposed fasteners than can potentially leak over time 

    Alps Roofing is your #1 experts for commercial and residential roofing solutions in Orillia, Barrie, Muskoka, Collingwood and the surrounding area. Call today for more information on our professional roofing solutions.

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